5 Major Reasons to Study in Netherlands

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Netherlands is among the highest English Speaking country in Europe. The country has lot to offer in terms of beauty, tranquility and nature. It is the Dutch approach to education that has taken the reputation of the country to greater heights. Netherlands has now become amongst the most preferred overseas destinations for higher studies.

There are some factors that make Netherlands the perfect destination to study

World-class universities

Netherlands has one of the best educational hierarchies. There are more than 43 universities in Netherlands (which are constantly ranked among the top universities in the world) and more than 1200 institutions which provide more than 22000 courses. Netherlands is one of those countries where the government actively monitors and regulates the education sector to ensure the quality of education provided to the students as promised. Special support and attention are given to the international students who are seen as strong contributors to the Netherlands economy.

Work opportunities

Many overseas students prefer to work in a country in which they have acquired their higher education. There are plenty of opportunities for you to work in Netherlands. Moreover, with the recent changes in the government policies, it is much easier for international students to work and learn in Netherlands.


All the top universities in Netherlands independently provide a range of scholarship programmes to international students. Along with the scholarships provided to international students, Netherlands is quite an affordable compared to other English countries.


Netherlands has always been one of the pioneers of innovation in education. The Netherlands education approach is very practical and application based. Students have a lot more space to be creative and carry out their own projects on much bigger scales.


Netherlands is a very diverse country, and much more inclusive than its European or American counterparts. Netherlands is a blend of so many cultures and ethnicities. Vibrant Dutch cities like Amsterdam are considered to be the most livable cities in the world.

These reasons are more than enough to know why Netherlands is the dream destination for international students. But studying overseas means a series of procedures and requirements you have to go through to get into any university. Thus, students often need insights and proper guidance in this matter.

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